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Com, and today we're counting down our picks, for the "Top 10 Racist Celebrity Moments".

For this list, we're taking a look at famous people that werecaught saying or doing something ignorant or hateful, regardinga racial group, ethnicity, or culture.

Keep in mind, that the followinglist contains explicit language, so proceed with caution.

In 2011, rapper Chris Brown started a relationshipwith actress, model Karrueche Tran, this news didn't sit well with hisex-girlfriend, singer Rihanna.

Riri instigated a social media war in 2012, when she tweeted an Instagram picture of a bag ofrice cakes wearing sunglasses and golden hoop earrings.

This artistic statement was takenby the internet as a shot at Tran, who is a Vietnamese and Jamaican descent, Rihanna's insensitivepost came complete with the caption, "I'ma make u my bitch", a lyric from her song"Birthday Cake".

It may also be worth noting that Rihannaclaims the she's quote, "sweeter than a rice cake" in the "Birthday Cake (Remix)".

Considering that Chris Brown pled guiltyto assaulting Rihanna in 2009.

Is this guy really worth fighting over? Justin Bieber might live by the phrase"Never Say Never", but it's his use of another n-word, that raised the ire of many.

Then just 15, the Canadian singer made anoffensive joke on camera asking: Justin: "Why are black people are afraid of chainsaws?" Person in background: "Don't answer it.

Don't say it.

" Justin: "Run n****r, n****r, n****r!" When this video surfaced five years later, the punchline shocked Beliebers everywhere.

Shortly after that, another video came out, in which a fourteen-year-old Bieber performed aracially insensitive version of his song, "One Less Lonely Girl".

Bieber would apologize for both videos, claiming, that he didn't understand thepower of these hateful words at the time.

Being a professional wrestler, Hulk Hogan is no stranger to trash talk.

But ratherthan build any pre-match hype, this rant from the Hulkster resulted in his allbut being erased from WWE history.

In 2006, a sex tape featuring Hogan was recorded.

Onset tape, the wrestling icon delivered a racist rant, about his daughter and herrelationship with a black man.

In addition to using the n-word multiple times, Hogan confessed that he was quote, "a racist, to a point.

" The National Enquirer and Radar Onlineexposed this racist tirade in 2015, the WWE subsequently fired Hogan, although Hogan's people claim that he resigned.

Hogan has since apologized, assertingwhat was heard on the tape was quote, "inconsistent with his own beliefs," but for now, his career and public image seemto be down for the count.

Acting as a guest co-host on "The View", Kelly Osbourne attempted totake a shot at Donald Trump.

Osborne's misfire however,resulted in serious collateral damage.

Discussing Trump's views concerningillegal Mexican immigration, Osborne asked who Trumpthought who'd clean his toilets, if he kicked out every Latino from the USA.

As co-host, Rosie Perez pointed out though, Latinos aren't the only people who clean toilets.

Osborne attemptedto put her comment into perspective.

but it was too late.

The internet had already made up its mind, with the hashtag, "#QueridaKellyOsbourne"blowing up on Twitter.

The former "Fashion Police" panelistregretted her poor choice of words saying, quote, "I'd hate me too.

" A few monthsbefore her own racist slip-up, Kelly Osbourne announced herdeparture from "Fashion Police", a decision made ironically, because of a racist statementby fellow co-host, Giuliana Rancic.

On the show on the Oscar edition of "Fashion Police", Rancic landed herself in hot water, when she targeted singer, actress, Zendaya.

Commenting on the young stars dreadlocks, Rancic suggested that the teen'ssmelled like patchouli oil or weed.

Zendaya responded Rancic on Twitter, calling her words quote, "outrageously offensive," Rancic admitted that she crossed a line on "E! News".

But she's lucky, because Zendaya decided to let bygones be bygones, accepting Rancic's apology via Instagram.

To say Donald Trump is apolitically incorrect figure would be an understatement.

Throughout his U.


presidential campaign in 2016, the Republican nominee made his stance onborder security and immigration abundantly clear.

In fact, Trump entered the race accusingMexico of shipping drugs, crime and rapists into America.

While Trump asserts that someillegal immigrants are quote, "good people," he's also claimed, that the Mexicangovernment is sending quote, "the bad ones over",because they don't want to pay for them.

Trump has said so many raciallydubious things during his campaign, that they could be, and are a list themselves.

Between his homophobic statementsduring in 1991 newspaper interview, and his anti-Semitic commentsduring a 2006 D.



arrest, Mel Gibson shelled the world his true colors.

But, following an incredibly hostile phone conversation in 2010, the former Hollywood giant destroyedwhatever little goodwill he had left.

Speaking with his former lover,Oksana Grigorieva, Gibson unleashed a tidal wave of hate-filled stupidity.

An audio recording of this outburst was soon released, exposing Gibson's racist tendencies, not to mention misogyny.

Many would argue thatthis scandal was 'the final nail in the coffin' killing Gibson's once highlybankable career.

Seemingly for good.

During histime as owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, Donald Sterling faced his fairshare of discrimination lawsuits.

But the NBA cut all ties with Sterling in 2014, after an offensive private recording was made public.

Sterling wasn't pleased, after his friend, V.

Stiviano took a picturewith basketball superstar Magic Johnson, and posted it on Instagram.

He condensed Stiviano forassociating with quote, "black people" asking her not to bring them to his games.

It was eventually confirmed, the demand on this recording was Sterling, resulting in a lifetime ban from the NBA, and a two-and-a-half million ($2.

5 M) dollar fine.

Sterling continues to assert that he's not a racist, but in light of his opinions on African-Americans it'sdifficult, if not impossible to believe him.

In 2013, this southern celebrity chef found herself at thecenter of a racial discrimination lawsuit.

She was accused of making racial slursabout African-Americans in front of her employees, and proposing a wedding with a quote, "true southern plantation-style theme.

" Although the case was dismissed, Paula Deen confessed that she had usedthe n-word in the past.

In response, Deen was fired from the Food Network, and lost various lucrative endorsement deals.

Just when it looked like Deencouldn't possibly cook up any more trouble.

She posted a pictureof her son in brown face on Twitter.

Deen has begged for forgiveness time after time,but all of her apologies failed to please anyone.

Before we get to our pick, here are a few honorable, or in this caseDIShonorable mentions.

For years, Michael Richards was best known forplaying the lovable "Cosmo Kramer" on "Seinfeld".

Following a racial outburst atthe 'Laugh Factory' in 2006 however, Richards forever diminished hisdelightfully quirky image.

After being heckled by someAfrican-American members of the audience, the comedian lost his cool and.

Dropped the n-word multiple times.

Richards did publicly apologized forhis actions on the "Late Show with David Letterman", and sought out various civilrights leaders for forgiveness.

He even poked fun athimself and the incident, when the "Seinfeld" cast reunited on"Curb Your Enthusiasm".

Yet, this racist slip continues to haunt Richards, who has seemingly left stand up behind for good.

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