The Celebrity Friend Friend Game: Rebecca X Felicia

Hi, I'm Rebecca Lim Hi, I'm Felicia Chin Wow, I'll describe Feli as the The one with the, you know the one with the eyes The one with the eyes The one that cannot see the eyeballs, right? Yes, and with the mouth like Like that Cause I Cause she's always laughing And then she's always laughing until you can't see her eyes Oh my goodness See the resemblance? Exactly If I want to describe Rebecca in an emoticon I will still say it's the red rose Huh?! Red rose? First is because, yes, I always see it But also because you're very beautiful And you're blossoming and Yes.

When I see you, it's like Later I'll buy you dinner Really, really It's like a garden, you know? Like bright So that's my impression of Rebecca Or maybe, all the flowers emoticons! Three, two, one! Go! You're bound to lose Hello~ Don't mess with my eye Oh no, I'm losing already! I cannot, I'm surely losing Ahhh help! Oh no, cannot Hurry, hurry! Emotional scenes for us now! Our tears are about to fall! Ok I've never done this before Ok, the next challenge In three Two One! Still very red Should I add the neck? You're still drawing?! Time's up! Ok Ok, can you show the drawings to the camera? Respective cameras Oh, (your drawing is) SO PRETTY! What is that?! Ok, obviously we have the winner here Ok, ready on three Two, one, go! 1, 2, 3, 4 Wow, very bilingual So (we) must hold until 3? Oh, wow! So when must we hold it till? Hey look! The sounds from Rebecca is very cute! Ok!.

Source: Youtube

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