Survival Training With Celebrities – Silvia Schneider (Episode 2) English Subs

So I am somewhere in the south of Austria.

In the middle of nowhere in the forest.

And here I am going to meet the youtuber SurvivalLilly.

Hello! Hi nice to meet you, Silvia.

Glad you are here.

I stay with you for one day where you showme how to survive in the wilderness.

And then you leave me alone for one night?! You don't need to be afraid, nothing can happen.

I am not afraid.

YOU should be afraid! Our host is already in her element Hey, at least I hit the target.

Yes and a night in the forest without a roofover the head can be quite cold and dangerous.

The basic structure is build but I think itwill rain through here right? Yes I would suggest we take an emergency blanketwhich saves a lot of time to build the roof.

Every survival kit should contain an emergencyblanket.

How do you feel underneath there? Alone in the woods.

Could I survive a night like this? If you had a fire beside the shelter, thenyes.

I eat it now (Dandelion root).

And? It is so bitter! Exactly that's why we have to put it intowater to leech out the bitterness.

See, it is pretty easy.

I am afraid of her.

Great! And again.



Next try.

I have ripped a fingernail.

I have never been so happy about fire.

Lilly we have made fire.

You have made fire.


Thank you Lilly.

To your stay.

Crazy day! And now comes the night.


I leave you alone now.

Really? The bug out camp is all yours.


You have fire and nothing can happen.

Silvia stays back alone in the forest.

It is so creepy here.

Silvia quickly collects water and heads back to thecamp.

Easier said than done.

There is a hole.

Oh god it is so scary.

Silvia arrived in the camp and now goes tosleep.

The temperature is now zero degrees Celsius.

Next morning.

In the middle of the night there was somekind of sound right behind my head.

Some sort of animal.

I think it was a hare but it was maybe a humanwho was walking.

I almost died because I was so anxious.

But I pulled myself together.

This was one of the coolest things that Ihave done in my life.

It was a great experience for me.

And waking up in wild is one of the most beautifulthings on earth.

In the beginning I underestimated Silvia.

I thought she is a city girl.

I was really impressed by her ambitious attitude.

For example she didn't give up when bow drilling until the smoke came.

And she did really well when bow and arrowshooting.

She also learned how to split wood.

So I am very happy with her performance.

Source: Youtube

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