Guess That Celebrity Challenge!

Alright what's up guys welcome to reaction time Today, we're playing a very special kind of game.

this is actually pretty unusal These are photos of celebrities that are SUPER zoomed in.

And we have to guess which celebrity those are basically.

So like i said, its so unusual, but its also going to be very challenging, so.

But lets do this together.

without further to do.

Lets get right into this game! Alright, let's start number one! We have three different options! Ohh, that's that's really close.

Like too close to even identify anyone! We got Mark Wahlberg, Tom Hanks , and Leonardo DiCaprio That's Tom Hanks! You know Tom Hanks he doesn't have alot of eyelashes he has that little squinted type of look definitely, definitley Tom Hanks BOOM! IT SAYS CORRECT Tom Hanks, that's number 1 (one) i'm trying to get all of them i don't even know how many questions there are, but i want to get all of them correct we got Adele Lana del Rey and Katy Perry wow I have to go with I think I have to go with Adele that just i don"t no i just feel like is adele come on baby give me some luck i'm good at this game what i did't no i no i was gonna get all this right we have to see if a get most of them right number 3.

Aziz Ansari, Oscar Isaac, Pedro Pascal come on I don't no how to pronounce his name alright what ever just forgive me i have to go at aziz ansari alright we got 3 out of three hundred per sent this is so easy i thought it was going to be challenging alright number 4 kristen bell kristen stewart or kristen ritter ooooooooooooo kristen stewart come on dumn hoo is kristen ritter i don't know who that is i 'm so sorry maybe she is probably popular benedict cumberbatch you guys i just saw i just see that movie doctor stange i was so amazing unbelievable movie that doze count look like a better come about tom hiddleston eddie redmayne benedict cumberbatch let's get it wowow guys what is that thats 4 and 5 too good alright i'm getting cock e i got to slow down i number 6 khloe kardasian and a kourtney kardasian obviously this is khloe i no i think i remember that khloe hat a little more right here khloe kardashian let's go le's go what is that 5 out of 6 i'm doing well mommy i just got to keep going michael jordan john boyega chiwedel ejiofor i don t no i'm not going to try michael b jordan what wha oooooooooo it was a star wars lead actor dumn i don't no what that number 8 we got lil'kim rihanna or zoe saldana aaa whoo lil'kim let's go to rihanna alright rihanna it is that was number 8 thats 7 out of 8 guys i think im doing pretty well let's go to number 9 bradley cooper matthew mcConaughey john krasinski i think is bradley cooper noooooo oo that john krasinski i just don't no some of this names i now hoo the actors are i seen them before number 10 mila kunis nicki minaj rashida jones let's go the i don't think is mila kunis or nicki minaj let's go to rashida what that is not look like nicki minaj forehead i"m sorry right number 11 we got jay z kanye west dr dre whay what is that i don't understand is that some one in a hoody what is that guys i 'm actually dead serious i dont know what that is let's go with tha kanye west what what yea is this one it was a sweater i knew it only kanye will were some think like that alright last one number 12 we got jennifer lawrence emma stone taylor swift thats taylor swift right there i just know i know a person booo booom let's go 8 of 12 nnoooo i really got that mini role 1 2 3 thats terrible o got 75 percent i thot i was going to get 12 out of 12 but guys thank you so much for watching.

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