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(dance pop music) – Hey you're watching 100Things About Teen Mom 2.

– We are sharing 100 things.

– All about us.

– Let's start it off.

– When I first sawmyself on 16 And Pregnant it was really weird seeing myself on TV.

Hey bud.

I didn't like my choiceof style or my hair.

My hair was kind of fried.

– My eyebrows were non-existent and my tan was very orange.

I thought it was gonna be one episode of 16 And Pregnant andthen it's never ending.

– I remember a lot ofmy family coming over, getting together watching my episode of 16 And Pregnant.

We all kind of looked at eachother and was like, "Wow.

" – My episode of 16 And Pregnant was the season finale so Iwatched all the girls on my season and then I saw mine.

Oh baby.

And I was like, "Wow, this is crazy.

" – Now that you've met everybody, what's your feeling about one another? – My first impression ofChelsea was her big hair.

I was just like, "Wow,I wonder if everyone "has hair like that where she's from?" – I still have big hair.

– She was cool and hada bubbly personality.

– We hit it off from the start.

I loved her style.

– Thank you.

– My first impression of Leah was that she was just really nice and sweet.

– Me and Leah werereally close right away.

I really liked her accent.

– Like wow she'sdefinitely from the South.

– My first impression of Jenelle was that she was just really quietand kept to herself.

– I remember her being outspoken.

– Like when we first started it was Chelsea and Leah and me and Jenelle.

– She was very outspoken and blunt but had a sense of humor.

– Oh that's like the biggest compliment anyone's ever given me.

– She cracked me up and she's like someone you don't wanna be on her bad side 'cause she'll yell at you.

– I thought she was sonaturally beautiful, reserved and very observant.

– What? I love them.

The biggest celebrity I've interacted with on social media is BenSavage from Boy Meets World.

– Jenna Jameson.

We bonded on Twitterover our cheating exes.

– If I could hang outwith one celebrity mom it would be Kendra Wilkinson.

– Hillary Duff.

– I think I'd pick Kris Jenner.

– I love the Kardashians butI also love Carrie Underwood.

– My celebrity crush when I was little was Leonardo DiCaprio because of Titanic.

– Odel Beckham Jr.

– My celebrity crush was Dierks Bentley.

– I like your shirt.

– Thank you.

– I love Tim McGraw but he's married and his wife is amazing.


I love him.

– When will I start lettingmy kids watch a scary movie? Never.

– Probably not untilthey are 14 or maybe 16.

They hate my rules.

My favorite places totake the kids on vacation are Disney, the beachand the Great Wolf Lodge.

– Anywhere tropical becausethey like to go snorkeling and they like to go skim boarding.

If I had to trade kids with another Teen Mom 2 for a day,I'd probably take Aubrey because she's reallyfunny and adventurous.

– I think I would takeIsaac 'cause he's so sweet.

– Isaac.

He is the sweetest little boy.

– I'm not great with other people's kids so I wouldn't trade children.

– If there was a Teen Mom 2 movie, the person I would cast toplay Kail is Laura Prepon.

– Julia Stiles, 10 Things IHate About You style for sure.

– Julia Stiles.

– Yes that's exactly what I was thinking.

She seems like she could bea bad ass if she had to be.

– Her attitude is so me.

Like I don't care.

– The person I would cast toplay Chelsea is Emma Stone because they're both alwaysplayful and laughing.

– I think Aubrey would be ableto take that role the best.

I think I look pretty young.

– I'd cast Snookie to play Chelsea.

– Snookie because of their humor.

– They both have the same big hair.

– Snookie? I'm texting them after this.

– The weirdest place I've been recognized by a fan was probably in abathroom in another country.

– It's always the bathroom.

– Oh my God it turns intolike, 30 girls in the bathroom.

– And like, asking for pictures, which is just super awkward.

– Like what if they waited for you and they heard you fart? Like that's super embarrassing.

The weirdest thing I havesigned for a fan is their baby.

– Lots of napkins.

– They just wanted me totake a picture of my feet and sign it and send it to them.

Like that's disgusting.

I hate feet.

– [Interviewer] But you did it? – No I didn't do it! – My personal theme song is My Prerogative by Brittany Spears.

♫ That's my perogative – Tick Tock by Keisha.

♫ Tick tock on the clock Because everyone knows I love Keisha.

It's Keisha, like, my idol.

The first concert Iever went to was Keisha.

(chuckles) That's why I got allthese feathers in my hair.

– The first concert I ever went to was Christina Aguilera.

– Baja Men and 98 Degrees.

♫ Give me just one night I really like the songWho Let The Dogs Out.

♫ Who, who, who, who If I could choose a themesong for Teen Mom 2, it would be Life Is AHighway by Rascal Flats.

– It would be (bleep)Problems by ASAP Rocky because we all have (bleep) problems.

– I'd probably pick No Scrubs by TLC.

– None of those make any sense.

At all.

It would be Slave ForYou by Brittany Spears.

– Slave For You? That sounds dirty.

– Self explanatory.

I'm A Slave For You.

– I get it now.

(chuckles) Get my mind out of the gutter.

I think the Teen Mom 2 momwith the best style is Chelsea.

– Chelsea and Keil definitely stay on top of the latest trends.

– I think Kail has the best style.

She always looks cute for the reunions.

– Not me.

Not me at all.

Chelsea for sure.

– Yeah! – Yeah.

– I would wear a garbagebag with a hole in it to fit my head if I had that option.

– The worst fashion choice I've made, I had these really tall heels on and they went into the grass and the paparazzi got every single shot of me just falling and busting my ass.

– What was my worsthairstyle ever on the show? Um there's a lot.

I'd say the curling ironstraight bangs was the worst.

– Definitely when I dyed my hair blonde.

Every time.

– Obviously my blonde hair.

– [Stylist] Do you love it? – Um, yeah.

Well we all make bad choices.

– Yeah.

(giggles) – How many camo clothing items do I own? Way too much.

– Probably half her wardrobe.

– Probably enough toclothe a small village.

What do I think Chelsea owns more of, plaid or animal print? – Let me guess, leopard? – I would definitely say she's graduated from the animal print andit's strictly onto plaid.

– Oh yeah she had leopardprint all the time.

And now I feel likeshe's wearing more plaid.

– Definitely plaid.

I'm over the animal print.

(pop dance music) – [Jenelle] Stay tuned formore things about Teen Mom 2.

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