Female Celebrities Give Advice To Young Women

– Okay girls, I'm gonnasay whatever I think.

(inspirational music) – To all the girls outthere who actually like wanted to be perfect,perfect doesn't exist.

– You don't have to becomeBritney Spears or Beyonce in order to be happy.

– Confidence is not somethingthat happens overnight.

Don't rush yourself.

– Every room you enter, you belong in.

You're not supposed to not be somewhere.

You're not the person who doesn't belong.

You're not the personwho should be sitting in the back of the room.

If you're in that room, you'resupposed to be in that room.

You're probably the smartestperson in that room, and act like it.

– As long as you're doing one thing, one thing a day to makeyourself feel empowered or feel loved, or just lookat yourself in the mirror, and go, "Dang girl, you look good today.

" Loving yourself is a process, and everybody is on their own clock.

– Be free.

Be wild.

Stay creative.

– Write a song.

You need to talk about yourself.

You need to like let it out.

– You are responsiblefor your own happiness, and you need to go and find it.

– Even your most depressing days are a part of your evolution.

– Life is just aboutbelieving in yourself, believing in your dreams,and you are the dream.

So as long as you'rebelieving in yourself, you are completing everything thatis necessary for you here in this time, in thislifetime, in this moment.

– What you have to offeris everything that we need.

Believe that.

– There is so much power in each other.

– It's important to know thatyou have a community of girls and women supporting you.

I am one of those people.

– We are here for you! (chuckles) – Find happiness in little things, and they will get biggerand bigger and bigger.

– At the end of the day, if youare striving for perfection, you're never going to get what you want.

What you need to strive for is being your true, authentic self.

And that is when you'regoing to really find peace, you're gonna find success,and you're gonna find love in the best way possible.

– I think the most importantthing is to just be you 'cause nobody else is.

– My parents wereamazing, and they told me, as long as I coulddream it, I could be it.

And I truly believe that.

And so that means to thisday, I'm pretty sure I could still win an Olympic goldmedal in figuring skating, even though I'm way too old,(logo whooshes) So, but if I can dreamit, I can be it, right?.

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