Hey guys, it's Ricky so There's a beard here and now looking into the viewfinder I don't like it but I'm not gonna go redo all of this so let's just go with it.

I feel like it makes my face look Rounder which is never fun Whatever, this video isn't a beard video, this is a tea video, so get your tea kettles ready I hope they're cooking.

Get out that teacup! Wait a minute, I'll be right back As I was saying, get out your teacups and get out your tea because some tea is gonna be spilled today I've got organic chamomile with lavender.

What do you guys–what kind of tea do you guys have? Honestly, should I make some tea? And, like, sip it each time I, like, "spill the tea"? I'll be right back.

I'm back and I literally have my tea ready, fresh off the tea kettle, the tea pot I'm just kidding it's from the microwave That's very hot.

This video is going to be a video that's going to combine a lot of little story times About a lot of different celebrities that I have met.

Some of them were very rude and some of them are very Awkward and some of them were embarrassing for me and some were amazing and really nice I do need to give a quick shoutout to The Gabbie Show and Joey Graceffa.

I didn't–when I thought of this idea, I thought it was original.

I was like, "oh my God, that's a great idea" and then I realized, oh wait they did this So shout out to them So I wrote down big list of all the stories I have with celebrities, and I realized that's so many That this could be two videos So if you guys like this and want me to do a part two sometime in the future Then thumbs up and I will.

OK I gotta start with one That's pretty bad One of THE rudest celebrities that I've ever met, which was a huge letdown because I really, really, really like her I think she's an incredible actress.

I love so many movies that she's been in, but that's Elizabeth Banks She plays Effie Trinket in The Hunger Games.

She's in the Pitch Perfect movies, she's in so many things and she's so funny She seems like she's cool, but she is Mean.

Basically what happened was me and my–one of my best friends, Shelby Waddell we got invited to the Pitch Perfect 2 premiere, which was very cool, and we got invited to go to an after-party And she was back there, talking to people, hanging out, doing some pics with like fellow People I guess in the industry After she took pictures with, like, three people and looked very nice and happy, we walked up to her and first I was like "hey, Elizabeth you were amazing in Pitch Perfect 2, I love the movie, was so funny, is it cool if we get a quick picture?" Hold on, I gotta–I gotta sip some tea just to tell this part *slurping tea* That burnt my tongue Her response was: "Ha, nice try, that's uncalled for" and In that moment, my heart, like, shattered.

She's not my favorite actress in the world but I really, really, did like her, and I–even if I didn't get a picture, I just wanted to talk to her for, like, a split second.

I really did enjoy her movie and she flat-out turned me down.

But was rude about it.

She could have very easily been, like, "You know, I've had a long day um, I've been doing press all day.

I just want to relax.

" Which I get! I would've been like "Whatever girl it's totally fine.

Have a good night.

" So.

Me and Shelby were devastated, but we were like, "No, no, no, no, this is not gonna happen.

" Shelby, it was her turn to go, cause I tried and I flopped Literally nice try! And Shelby went over, walks up, same kind of thing, is very nice, compliments her and her response to Shelby: And she stormed off and left the party Because of me and Shelby, she left the party.

She literally gave us the hand and stormed out And, like, I know Again, I get it.

I get it.

She probably had a really really long stressful day of press, pictures, interviews, I get it but the way she treated us was so Ridiculous, we were treated like scum.

Elizabeth Banks? More like Elizabeth Tanks! Not really, she could probably buy my career with one paycheck So–quick side-note, I do ask you guys Please don't, like, go send hate to anybody I talk about in this video.

Everyone has bad days, everyone has bad moments.

I am far from perfect I just kindly ask, like, don't attack them.

Let's do a nice story next.

Alright, let's spill some more tea.

Oh! I literally just spilled tea Alright, the next celebrity I wanna talk about is Ariana Grande.

Don't worry, Ariana Grande was actually very, very nice So she–really funny story–so again, Shelby was with me this time.

This happened at the MTV Movie Awards, last year, we were– I got invited– I actually took part in the award show, talk about MTV worked with me.

I did, like, a brand-new with them And I made this, like, short film that aired on a commercial break and aired on MTV and talk about, like, website This whole thing.

So I was literally like, there, as part of the show.

And me and Shelby both love Ariana, in fact, Shelby's favorite person in the world, I feel like, is Ariana Grande.

It was a goal of ours to figure out a way to meet her, because I was, you know, on the carpet, I was backstage, I was, like, there, and if she just popped out *popping noise* We could have–we could do it! So during the show, We were placed–there was two stages We were placed in front of one, so we were praying that she was gonna perform in front of the one we were at and then go off backstage and we would kind of just, like, Take a little bathroom break and, like, meet her back there But, our luck, she was at the other stage, which was across the venue, it was really far away So you best know we got out of our seat and ran over there to catch her performance and it was phenomenal She did, like, like a jazzy, slowed down rendition of "Dangerous Woman.

" It was incredible.

And after she finished, we– I don't know where we went– We just booked it, and went down some weird alley way And found a way behind the stage.

Which again, with–it was OK, we had badges to be back there.

We couldn't go back to the trailers where, like, the performers were resting.

So we were just waiting and hoping she'd walk back.

God bless this woman, This amazing security guard walks up to us and tells me that her daughter likes my videos So whoever you are out there, thank you, cause your mom is awesome She asked what we were doing back here and why we were at the show and we explained it all and we were like, "I know it's a stretch But we would love to meet Ariana Grande.

Do you have any strings you could pull?" And she was like, "Nice try!" Not really.

She said she would wait with us and if she saw her, she would kinda, like, help nudge us over But, Ari never came out and the show was over so she must have, like, snuck away back to her trailer The security guard brought us back there, She had an all-access pass.

But we waited by her trailer We weren't, like, knocking on it or invading it.

But then her manager came out, or her tour manager, or some guy that was, like, working with her that day So we talked to him for, like, 30 minutes, just about casual small talk, so we could, like, lead into "Hey, um, so is Ariana gonna come out?" and he was like, Say it with me, guys, but "nice try.

" He was very nice.

He said that she wasn't coming out for the rest of the night.

So we were like, "Okay" and walked off, but we knew *slurps tea* WE KNEW we were gonna meet her, like, I–we literally manifested it, we put it into the universe.

So we waited at this other, like, exit I guess for the performers to exit from and In the meantime, while waiting for Ariana Grande, we met Zac Efron, and this is actually a story I want to tell an embarrassing story, so quick tangent.

Ariana Grande, you're on pause, Zac Efron, I choose you! I'm switching Po– I'm in a Pokemon battle, Ariana Grande is out right now, I'm returning her and I'm throwing out Zac Efron.

I'm sorry for that.

So Zac is walking by and Shelby tells the story so much better than me, I wish she was here.

I was sitting on the ground just chilling, I–something came over me, and I bolted and ran to Zac Efron.

I probably spoke a million miles a second.

I don't remember what I said, I just mumbled but somehow, you know, got "Can I get a picture?" out I literally told him, like, an essay within a couple seconds.

I said it so fast.

And his response was: "Who are you here with?" He thought I was a fan that snuck back–backstage, which Where is the lie? Because I was.

But at the same time, again, I was invited I was a part of the show, um, and I said, so fast without hesitation, "I'm here with MTV and Taco Bell," but I said it so fast.

Shelby says it so funny.

And I was just like, "*gibberish*" and I pulled my phone, I got a picture really quick, and ran away.

And here's the picture, horrible quality.

But I got it, and I was so embarrassed.

Zac probably walked away cracking up, wondering who that nervous sweaty fan was and why he got backstage.


And then, when I get nervous, I have to pee a lot So I went to pee and I was like, "I– something's gonna happen when I'm gone, I swear you're gonna meet Ariana Grande and I'm gonna miss it.

" I ran to the bathroom, peed really quick, and of course, while I was gone, Shelby got to meet Will Smith.

But it's fine, It's fine.

And then, the heavens opened up.

Angels popped out of the crooks and crannies of wherever we were and they were singing and there was this white light walking towards us.

It's an angel, it's a goddess it's a legend.

No! It's all of the above, it's Ariana Grande! She comes strutting out, looking so cute, and a little ponytail.

And she walks by And I walked up to her and I was like, "Oh my God, hi um, can we get a quick picture?" And she was like, in a cute little voice, "Yeah, sure!" So we took turns getting pictures–boom.

And um, she was super sweet I told her that she did an amazing job on her performance, and she–and she was so, like, humble, and she was like "Oh my God, really? I felt so nervous about it, it was super new, I'm not sure if I liked it.

" And me and Shelby were like, "Oh my God, no! You were incredible! It was so amazing, don't be nervous, You're fantastic!" And she was like, "Thank you guys, that's really sweet.

Have a good night!" And she strutted off into her Uber and me and Shelby melted into a puddle.

Alright, let's just do another shook-y one.

Let's build some more tea Oh! Are you guys tired of that joke? Cause I already am.

Anyway, the next one happened at the MTV Phantom Awards, like two years ago, I think–I don't know, it was a while ago.

I was there doing–again, again! OK, this is important! I was there, I was literally a part of the show.

I was IN the show.

Someone, later that night, was very, very rude.

*slurps tea* And I have to be careful when I say this because I feel like I know people that know her, and I–I genuinely liked things she's been in.

Literally one of my best friends has a movie with her.



This is an honest experience.

I can talk about it.

It's fine! And I don't hold anything against this person, I just was treated badly.

Me and my friend– I'm not gonna say this person's name–in case–let's just call my friend.


Me and Sue were backstage.

There was, like, a food area where you could, like, drink and stuff with all the people part of the show.


Bella Thorne, Let me grab my tea.

Bella Thorne, *slurps tea* was back there, she was hosting the show, so she was a big deal at the show, I guess.

She was, like, the star–it was her and Tyler Posey hosting the show.

And me and my friend Sue walked up to her just to say hey.

I've never met her before, and my friend Sue knows Bella! They've worked together before, they've done stuff.

They've literally hung out, like–they've hung out! Like, they're friends! They go years back! So Sue walks up to Bella and says "hey" and starts to introduce me.

And I was gonna be like, "Oh my God, one of my best friends is Kian Lawley, you guys just filmed a movie together.

He said you were great I can't wait to see it.

Small world, huh?" I literally lived with him! And so I was prepared to tell her that and Sue tapped her on her shoulder to say "hey" and, like, catch up and reminisce.

And she turns around and like, laughs, and she's like, Sue says "hey" and she literally looks, acts like she doesn't know who Sue is.

And SHE KNOWS Sue! You know Sue, Bella! She looked at her like, Looked at her up and down, looked at me, rolled her eyes, and then looked past us and walked up and hugged someone behind us.

She literally laughed in our faces, walked past us, and ignored us.

And SHE KNEW SUE! So we were just like, Oh, OK, so we're gonna go over there and pretend like that didn't happen.

I was saved by someone else, Tyler Posey.

I cannot say enough things about him.

He is, by far, one of the nicest people I've ever met in, like, the mainstream, like, acting, music industry.

He's SO nice! Um, I've been very fortunate to work with him several times now, and every single time It's like we've been friends for years.

He's so nice, He gets to know everyone in the room, like, if he's with the crew, he talks to everyone, makes everyone feel welcome He jokes around, he asks about what– your life, what you do.

HE'S SO NICE! I love Tyler Posey! And after Bella just dissed us and walked off, Tyler, bless him Walked over, gave me a hug Asked me how I was doing So it made us feel a lot better.

And so adding on, this isn't 100% confirmed because this could've been anything, But within five minutes, a security guard comes over and walks up to me and Sue, and she's like, "Um, "Who are you guys? You can't be back here!" NICE TRY! I was just like, "I'm here with MTV, I'm part of the show.

" But we got kicked out, she kicked us out of the back even though we had badges And we're part of the show and we're supposed to be back there, waiting for, like, stuff to do.

So I had to call my rep with MTV.

She came and got us and brought us back in there, had to talk to a security guard.

TURNS OUT, They didn't drop any names, but they said that there were fans backstage, running around, trying to meet all the celebrities.

And they kicked US out a couple minutes AFTER we tried to say hello to Bella.

I'm no mathematician, I didn't finish college, but do the math! Let's see, um.

1 plus–carry the four, then divide it.

Use the quadratic equation.



So literally nice try! It was just very embarrassing.

Once again, and I–almost feel bad telling these stories because people have off days, I've had off days, I might've just caught Bella on one, BUT SHE KNEW SUE.

They're friends! Anyway, please don't send Bella hate.

I do wish her the best, um.

Kian did a movie with her and he said she was great, and I– support the movie.

Just, Bella, be nice to people! Don't treat them like peasants! *slurps tea* OK, I have so many more.

Y'all– BEG me to do a part 2 so I will cause I have so many more stories but I don't have much time left.

I'm gonna do a finale! I've never told anybody this before because I was embarrassed by it and I didn't wanna make him look bad cause I get it.

Let me just explain it.

So I got to meet Justin Bieber.

Grab the tea cause we're about to spill it! So I got to go the 2015 EMA's in Milan, Italy.

It was an incredible trip.

Oh my God, so much fun.

I'm so blessed to have done that.

Instagram flew me out, so thank you, Instagram.

Um, I was testing out Boomerang.

It was brand new, I got to try it out, and, like, I was on the carpet meetings.

I literally was supposed to be there meeting celebrities.

I was–I was, like, my label was to be a Social Media Correspondent, and I was supposed to Boomerang with people that were part of the show.

But during the show, Justin Bieber performed.

He did incredible, it was great, I was living, before I tell what's about to happen.

I do understand and totally get that.

he's constantly in the limelight.

Any normal human gets sick of that, and it can do things to you, And it's pressure, and it's a lot, so I GET IT.

So when he's backstage, I'm sure he doesn't wanna see people.

But I went backstage–I forgot why–I think I was doing interviews for Instagram and stuff.

Guess who I saw? Pick a guess.

Try and take a guess.

You're right, Justin Bieber in the flesh.

He was, like, right there, like, I was walking by and I was like–you know how like in cartoons, they do, like, double takes and stuff like that? I did a quadruple take.

Somehow, got myself together, walked up to him and–here, OK, here's the important part.

He was taking pictures with two people, similar reason as to why I was there, and he was talking to them, laughing, taking photos with them.

I patiently waited my turn–it was 2 people–walked up, and was like, *snap* "Hey, Justin, 'sup? Um, is it cool if I get a quick photo?" And his response was this: "Not gonna happen.

" And he walked off.

Like, I feel like I should be mad, but Justin Bieber DISSED ME! Like I'm proud of that.

I got dissed and turned down by Justin Bieber.

Not many people can say that.

You know, I am spilling tea because he was rude to me.

But like, I'm not mad about it–that got on my pants–cause like I said, I get it.

He was probably doing so much press that day.

You know, I mean, like, I get it.

It's fine.

But the way he acted to me, it was kind of rude.

He could've just been like, "I'm tired, I gotta go pee" or something.

*slurps tea* But it's fine, cause I'm honored.

It's kind of like in, um, 'Drake and Josh' when Oprah gives Josh a restraining order, and he's like, happy about it.

That's kind of what I was feeling like.

It's fine, no hate to Justin Bieber no shade to him, no tea being spilled.

Let me sop this tea up I spilled.

Thanks for the diss.

You got me.

Nice try, Ricky.

So that's all I have for this video, again, I literally have so many more stories on here about celebrities I've met.

Good and bad and embarrassing.

And I want to tell them.

But I only want to if you guys want me to.

So thumbs up if I should, comment below nagging me, subscribe if you're not already.

I make videos every single Sunday and Wednesday.

But I love you.

OK guys.

See you later.

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