Best Old Ads with Bollywood Celebrities (Collection) – Part VI

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Hai guys, the fuse has blown up in our house Can we sleep here tonight ?? Sure It hasnt happened to you before? Ofcouse, whats there! Can i get a Pepsi ? NO Its not Chilled Fridge is repaired.

Dont you remember?? Our fridge is filled up Dont worry ! I ll get it NO! We ll get it Are you sure? YA! Whats there? Thank you See you later Here.

Fridge Woh ! Its empty Weather is hot.

And for pepsi.

We are un-reasonable The heart wants more.

Thats my can No.

Thats My can ! Listen, thats my can! NO, thats my can My can !! my can !! my can That is My Apartment BYE MY CAN ok.


my bedroom Thats my can ! okaay Leave it thats my can no.

My can You are pretty Unrealistic ! Not leaving it, now also !! Came?? hasnt come.

Oh God, has it come? NO! It hasnt !!! Tell me what channel do you want?? PEPSI TV Pepsi tv !?? Oh sir, there is no channel as such ! what.

you dont know Pepsi TV? Such a Bubbly channel want to get Pepsi TV? yes!! Where is the TV? Where is the TV? Till now, Tv was enjoyed by Eyes and Ears.

Not fair even mouth should get the material.


Open your come.

Its open already! CONNECTION COMPLETE.

Receiving loud and clear What kind of channel is this?? while watching tv.

If we drink Pepsi.

Its called Pepsi TV.

RIGHT So make every ordinary channel, a Pepsi Channel in an instant.

Such a bubbly channel ! Came very soon ! Next class New Cadbury Perk Continue.

Continue ! Next class?? Made with new Crunchy wafers, here is the tastier Cadbury Perk Awesome Crunch ! Awesome Taste! What does you son do? He is a Computer Engineer Sir! Has a own house? He has his own house? House.




He has everything ok.

Give hour house number, we will inform you.

D-24 Shanthi Nagar No.

He is asking your home number So that we could talk to you That we dont have What? You dont have a home number? no BSNL Landline? Dad, I dont want to get married ! Do you know, It has broadband, Multi-play, fixed line prepaid and so many such features for better homes Remember.

BSNL Landline Take a number for you home Diamond Engagement RIng by D'damas Celebrate Always Thank You for watching!!.

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