American Horror Story – Season 4

Even though season 3 just ended, I am ready for season 4. Writer and co-executive producer Douglas Petrie gave a little info during the Nerdist Writers Panel podcast. When asked about the setting for season 4 he said he couldn’t say anything. When asked by Moira Kirkland, writer for Castle and Arrow, about the rumor of a carnival setting,  Petrie responded:

“Yes — that was the, it — it does not have a title.”

When asked by moderator Ben Blacker to confirm, Petrie replied:

“That’s the idea, that’s very roughly the idea.”

FX has not commented, but – talk about brilliantly creeptastic. I wonder if they are going creepy small town carnival? The traveling show full of shady characters?


Maybe an old fashioned carnival? They do like to just around in time…. wonder when this new show will take place…


I love this idea. There are so many possibilities… and of course, there is NOTHING creepier than a clown…


Carnival of Horrormariano villalba