SDCC Delays Preregistration

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 8.27.30 AMThe folks at SDCC have delayed preregistration until 2014 to work on their registration process. According to our friends at The Beat, these changes are coming:

A shopping cart!

The new EPIC shopping cart should allow you to hold available badge inventory for all members of your party during your registration session.

Single session purchasing!

In the old EPIC Registration system, attendees had to purchase their badge first and then start the entire process all over again for their next guest. Now, when you begin your online registration session you will enter the number of people you are buying badges for and on the following page all available badge inventory should be held for each member of your party. You will not have to make a second purchase!

Landing page validation!

In the past, non-members and ineligible attendees could access the landing page and waiting room, potentially taking up space in line that should be reserved for eligible participants. In order to keep non-members and ineligible attendees out of the waiting room, we are implementing a unique registration code that must be entered prior to arriving at the landing page. This means that only eligible attendees (and possibly a few muggles) will be able to access the landing page and attempt to gain entry into the waiting room.

Extensive load-testing!

Have you ever tried to shove 100,000 jellybeans through a funnel all at once? The experienced engineers at Web Performance are virtually attempting just that, by following time-proven load-testing methodologies. Extensive load-testing in advance will not only give us information about EPIC’s user capacity, but also pinpoint potential problem areas.

We are thankful that so many of you offer feedback on what does and does not work. We value that information and are working to address many of those issues. Unfortunately, we are still faced with the problem of having more demand than badge availability. We hope these new features will help alleviate some of the more difficult parts of the badge purchase experience.