NoApologies ep 85 Zombies hate lawsuits

In this episode we talk share our thoughts on the premiere episode of Kevin Smith’s Comic Book Men and the Walking Dead premier ep for the Second half of season two. Also Robert Kirkman’s response to the Tony Moore suit,Creators response to the Gary Friedrich. Lawsuit decision,and Nick Pitarra shares gets into his upcoming ongoing Image book Manhattan Projects written by Jonathan Hickman & Shout outs to JK Woodward on his new project the IDW Dr Who/Star Trek The Next Generation crossover and to Sam Humphries for his being the new co writer on the Ultimate Comics Ultimates. The books we review are Secret Avengers # 21,21.1,22, Winter soldier# 1,Chew # 23,Punisher # 8,Severed # 7,Black Panther : The most dangerous man alive #529,Blue Estate #9 Leave us an itunes review and go to facebook and click the like button. For more info on this podcast and others on the network go to This episode is sponsored by





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