10 Outrageous Celebrity FAILS Caught Live On Camera

10 Hilarious Celebrity Moments Caught LiveOn Camera In today’s day and age it is pretty safeto assume that wherever you are, cameras are rolling.

This is a thought that makes some people feelvery safe and other feels very afraid and paranoid.

Wherever you stand on the issue, we thinkthat we can all agree that no one is bombarded by cameras quite like celebrities.

Whether they are starring in their own realitytelevision show or just walking to the grocery store, celebs are being recorded more thananyone else! Some may argue that it’s unfair while othersmight simply say that it comes with the fame.

With the cameras constantly rolling, we arebound to end up with more than a few funny, bizarre or embarrassing moments.

We are taking a look at some uniquely funnymoments caught on tape in our list of 10 Hilarious Celeb Moments Caught On Live Camera.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries BurpingThe hit reality television show Keeping Up With The Kardashians has provided countlessamounts of hilarious and memorable moments over the years.

From weddings to fights and everything inbetween, it can be hard to keep up.

One season 6 moment features one of the mosthilarious moments ever recorded for the show.

Kim and Kris Humphries (the pro basketballplayer that she married for 72 days) are having dinner when Kris decides to turn and burpinto Kim’s open mouth.

Rather than freak-out, Kim calmly turns andreturns the favor – in a bizarrely flirtatious manner.

Kris then provides this hilarious explanationfor their actions: "Birds throw up and then feed it to their children.

This is nothing,".

We don’t think too many people were surprisedtheir later marriage only lasted 72 days! Donald Trump Hugs FlagWherever your politics may stand, We think that we can all agree that Donald Trump’scampaign has been a very unique one.

Putting aside all of the scandal and actuallydamning footage, there have been some moments that are downright hilarious.

The man is undoubtedly charismatic and certainlyknows how to make sure every news program mentions his name – every night.

One of the most hilarious on camera momentsfrom trump came in October when he came on stage to give a speech and entered by givingthe American flag a lingering, but admittedly patriotic, hug.

Yes, that is right, the republican nomineefor president got on stage, hugged an inanimate object lovingly and then proceeded to givehis speech.

What a time to be alive.

Brian Cranston Dresses Up As Himself – ComicCon 2013 Comic-con is an awesome place.

Every year fans of movies, tv, comics andculture in general gather together in San Diego to celebrate.

There are special panels, activities, announcements,trailers and of course costumes.

In 2013, something hilariously awesome happenedwhen Brian Cranston decided to dress up in costume before his panel for Breaking Bad.

The hilarious part of this story is that hedressed up as himself, in character as BB’s Walter White.

Cranston was able to pass through the crowdunnoticed and the crowds surprise is genuine when he takes off the mask at the panel.

Sometimes the best place to hide – is inplain sight.

Shia LabeoufShia Labeouf is one weird guy.

He is kind of like a human 8-ball, you shakehim up and you never know what he is going to say.

That being said, the man does have some realtalent.

But It can be hard to focus on between allof his bizarre stunts and actions.

One of his most famously odd moments thatwas caught on tape came in 2014 when he wore a paper bag on his head to film festival thatread “I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE”.

He looked hilarious in his bag and the ironicallyfunny part about this story is that because this stunt got him so much media coverage,his message about not being famous anymore didn’t really hold true.

We like to think that the former Disney childstar planned it all out that way.

Well played, Shia, well played.

Jason Segal and Paul Rudd – I Love You,Man interview There is a certain process that actors mustgo through when they are preparing for their movie to be released.

There can be special marketing event, talkshow appearances and most commonly, interviews with the press.

During an interview for their comedic hitI Love You, Man, Jason Segal and Paul Rudd decided to have some fun with their interviewer.

They went on some insane rants, did some impressionsand even spent a few minutes discussing Segal’s imaginary friend “Giddian”.

Luckily, the interviewer was a great sportand it looked like everyone involved had a great time.

Rumors have speculated that Rudd and Segalmay have been smoking some “Seth Rogen” before this interview, but we will let yoube the judge of that yourself.

Ashlee Simpson – SNL Lip syncBelieve it or not, there was a time, not that long ago, where Jessica and Ashlee Simpsonwere two of the hottest names in pop culture.

While Jessica had a somewhat natural declinefrom super stardom, Ashlee’s fall from grace was less, well, graceful.

During her performance as musical guest onSaturday Night Live her music cut out and it exposed her to be lip-syncing.

She looks incredibly awkward on stage silentlymouthing the words.

The video went viral all over the Internetand in the news and her career and musical status went down the drain.

We can understand some lip syncing when youare full out dancing but pumping in the music when you are just standing around on stage,we cannot accept.

Camila Cabello Slips on Stage (Fifth Harmony)Camila Cabello is one of the five girls that make up the world famous pop group “FifthHarmony”.

The group was formed during a season of TheX-Factor and some people have said that they are the female One Direction.

The group has a huge online presence and veryactive fans which made it all the more rough for Camila Cabello when she took a big wipeoutin the middle of performing their hit song “Miss Moving On” on tour.

Camila takes quite the tumble and if she everwants to re-watch it herself, she can just google the incident and watch one of the hundredsof recorded videos.

It’s bad enough to fall in front of a hugelive crowd, not to mention the entire online world.

Hilary Clinton Dab (On Ellen)The term “cringe” is one that gets thrown around the Internet pretty liberally lately.

There are cringe compilations, competitionsand much more, but sometimes a moment comes along that is so – cringe worthy – thatit must be mentioned.

Gearing up for her presidential campaign,democrat Hilary Clinton was doing a lot of media appearances with the goal of appearingmore relatable and fun.

These efforts may have backfired on her howeverwhen she attempted to perform the popular “dab” dance move on Ellen and looked absolutelyridiculous.

Everyone from late night hosts to internettrolls have been making fun of the moment ever since and probably will be for a while.

Steve Harvey Messes Up Winner of Miss Universe2015 There was a time when most internet searchesfor “Steve Harvey” were just people looking for the hilarious Family Feud host reactingto people’s ridiculous answers on his show.

In 2015, all of that changed when Steve Harveyroyally butchered the final results announcement at the Miss Universe pageant.

Harvey accidentally read the wrong name andeven awarded the wrong woman with first prize.

The look on his face is priceless as he realizeshis mistake and has to retract his statement and reassign the first place prize.

We feel bad for laughing at this one, butit’s too hilarious for us to handle.

Justin Bieber Walks Into A Revolving DoorWhether you absolutely hate him or you absolutely love him, you have to admit that Justin Bieberis a talented dude.

He can sing, dance and play instruments verywell but he may not have mastered the art of going through a revolving door yet.

Look, we get it and we’ve been there.

Sometimes those doors can be tricky and youcan find yourself in an awkward moment and you hope no one sees.

Unfortunately, if you are Justin Bieber, thecameras are always rolling and they definitely caught the hilarious footage of him strugglingthrough a revolving door and even bumping his head in the process.

Bieber, if you’re watching, is it too latenow to say sorry? So there’s our list of 10 hilarious celebritymoments that were luckily caught on tape.

Were there any other funny moments that wemissed? Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments section belowand be sure to subscribe to our channel for more fun videos – like this one!.

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