10 Celebrities Who Were Connected And Targeted By Crime Syndicates

Elite Facts Presents 10 Celebrities Who Were Connected And TargetedBy Crime Syndicates 10.

Sammy Davis JrDuring 50s, Sammy Davis Jr.

became good friends with Kim Novak who was well known for hisrole in the Hitchcock film, Vertigo.

It’s all well and good to make friends inthe industry but Novak was not the woman you would want as a friend.

Not because she’s a bad person or anythingbut she was connected.

The first was that they were an interracialcouple in the 1950s which wasn’t popular at all back during those times and the secondthing was that Novak was contracted to Harry Cohn, a ruthless manager who was connectedto the mafia.

Davis and Novak were rumored to be set tomarry, and Cohn worried that the controversy surrounding the marriage would damage herreputation.

Infamous gangster Mickey Cohen warned Davis’sfather that Cohn had ordered infamous gangster, John Roselli to seriously hurt Sammy.

This would involve a horrific beating, breakingboth his legs, and then gouging out his one good eye with a stick.

Sammy was told that his only option was tobreak off all ties with Novak and marry a random black woman to kill off any rumors.

After he did this, He was given a call tolet him know that contract on his life was lifted by the mob.


Steven SeagalDuring an investigation of the Gambino Crime Family in 2001, the FBI heard tapes of thegangsters making fun of Steven Seagal for not living up to his tough guy personalitythat he portrayed in his films.

The FBI contacted Segal in regards to thetapes as he admitted to being linked to mafia.

He was compelled to tell the FBI and a courtroomabout what had happened after the FBI intimidated him with jail if he didn’t.

He explained that the year before, He wasplanning to stop creating Violent action films, However he was being extorted by the mafiato pay out a lump sum of $150,000 per film that he released.


Jimi HendrixIn 1969, Jimi Hendrix disappeared while staying in the Seattle area.

Well according to cocaine smuggler, John Robertswho at one point worked for the Medellin cartel and close friends of Hendrix himself, Jimiwas taken hostage by the mafia who operated in that area after he walked into their compoundasking if they sold drugs.

Two low rank soldiers in the mob recognizedhim and realized they could probably make some cash off of the famous musician.

So they offered Jimi free drugs to convincehim to come with them, and they kept him at an unknown location for two full days.

They kept Jimi so high that he probably didn’teven know what was going on until after the event was over.

After a phone call by their boss, Hendrixwas released without having to pay a dime.

Hendrix himself had a few ideas as to whyhe was taken hostage as he believed that his manager was behind the whole thing.


Jackie ChanThroughout the 80s and 90s, Cinema in china was for the most part extorted by the ChineseTriads, who were infiltrating every aspect of movie making.

They would force his way onto a film set andthreaten to break equipment unless money was handed out.

Only one actor had the guts to stand up tothe triads and that actor was Jackie Chan.

Unfortunately for him, Because of his courageousact, The triads start extorting him and did so for a large portion of his career.

Because of this, This was one of the mainreasons Jackie Chan left China for America.

But when he got off the plane, bullets werefired at him.

When he returned to China, he started carryingguns and grenades with him.

It’s not hard to see why, when he says thingslike: “I was at dinner once when more than 20 people with watermelon machetes surroundedme.

I had three guns with me and told them thatthey had gone too far.


We have no idea what happened after thisbut considering Jackie Chan is alive and well to this day, You can imagine it didn’t endwell for the triads.


Edward James OlmosIn the year 1992, the film “American Me” starring Edward James Olmos released and wasa box office flop.

The film itself was based on the life of theboss of the Mexican Mafia, Cheyenne Cadena who was played by Edward James Olmos.

Although the film was a flop but gained decentreviews from critics, the Mexican Mafia didn’t take kindly to it as they were against a scenein which Olmos’s character was raped in prison.

The Mexican Mafia made plans to whack Olmos,However it is believed that Olmos paid off the mob in order to protect his life.


The Rolling StonesIn 1969, the Rolling Stones played a concert in Altamont Speedway in Northern California,where they hired the Hells Angels as security for $500 and a case of beer.

During the concert, an 18-year-old by thename of Meredith Hunter approached the stage with a gun which quickly caught the attentionof the Hells Angels.

They attacked Hunter and beat him to a bloodypulp before stabbing him to death.

Mick Jagger and the rest of the band decidedto ban the Angels from anymore of their concerts and would refuse to hire them again.

Unfortunately the Angels didn’t take kindlyto their comments and were so angry with this that they formed a plan to murder the wholeband.

Their plan was to stock a ton of weapons ona boat and open fire on Jagger’s mansion from the open waters.

Luckily for Jagger, a storm hit and capsizedthe boat.

Thereafter the Angels decided to just forgetabout the whole incident.


Al SharptonIn the ’80s, Al Sharpton was a major figure in the boycott of the Jacksons’ tour, ashe and a group of people asserted to extort money from the band.

During the boycott he received a call fromsomeone threatening to kill him if he didn’t stop the boycott.

Immediately following this, Sharpton wentstraight to the FBI to help him get their hands on the person he received the call fromalong with a number of other members of this crime syndicate.

Some documents report Sharpton was forcedinto becoming an informer to keep away from prosecution after he was caught in a drugdeal.


Gordon RamsaySo as it turns out, Shark Fishing is illegal in most countries.

In the year 2011, Gordon Ramsay was makinga documentary on this illegal practice and in the process he found that criminal gangswere involved in the operation.

As he and the crew were about to leave theCosta Rica, They were surrounded by mobsters who wouldn’t let them continue on to theairport.

These mobsters stood Ramsay and the crew againsta wall at gunpoint and were ready to open fire, However the police arrived at the lastsecond to apprehend these mobsters before telling Ramsay and his crew to leave the country.


Woody HarrelsonWe all know who Woody Harrelson is.

Had a fantastic role in the film Zombieland,Has a recurring role in the Hunger Games franchise and got his start in the now legendary tvseries “Cheers” which aired from 1985 to 1993.

Well here’s something you probably didn’tknow.

Woody Harrelson’s dad Charles Harrelsonwas a hitman, who killed several men on behalf of the mob.

The most infamous contract Charles was givenwas the assassination of federal judge, John H.


After this assassination, Charles was handed2 life sentences for his troubles.


The Beatles and The Kinks Extorted by theKrays During the 60s, The infamous Kray twins decidedthat they wanted to get into the music industry legitimately as managers and decided to findan already established rock band to start their managing careers.

Logically at the time, they decided to choosewhat would be the biggest Rock-Pop group on the planet, The Beatles.

Ronnie Kray met The Beatles’ current managerat the time, Brian Epstein in order to discuss whether or not they could take over as manager,however Ronnie was told that managing a band like The Beatles required expert knowledge.

Of course after hearing that, Ronnie got upsetand rammed a nail into the cheek of a random person who just so happened to be passingby.

This was only to show that he was serious.

Afterwards, the Krays understood that managing‘The Beatles’ was indeed a difficult task so instead they reverted back to their criminalways and just extorted huge money from Epstein.

After this, they tried to take over The Kinks,who were also incredibly popular but were no way near the level of the Beatles.

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